IN A SMALL KINGDOM by Tomie dePaola  /  April 2018
From Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers:  In a small kingdom along an ancient road, a bell rings out. The beloved king has died, leaving his magnificent and powerful Imperial Robe to his heir, the young prince. 
But when the prince’s jealous older half-brother steals the Imperial Robe, slashing it to bits, the prince can no longer rule—and the small kingdom is in great danger. Now the young prince must find another source of power and of strength—and he finds it in a surprising place.
Reviews:  KIRKUS, Publishers Weekly, Booklist
"Salati’s arresting illustrations, filled with beautiful animal imagery, are like a Renaissance woven tapestry come to life. The illustrator makes expert use of the double-page spread to display the grandeur of the dead king, the otherworldly beauty of the blue and gold robe, and the charm of the townspeople who sew a new robe for their young ruler...A triumphant story celebrating the ability of love, community, and cooperation to overcome any obstacle." -  Kirkus
"With its themes of ingenuity, generosity, and the enduring power of community, the story is a lovely and pointedly relevant tribute to those who truly confer legitimacy on any leader: the people." - Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

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