Written by Elana K. Arnold
Roaring Brook Press, MacMillan
August 23, 2022

Once, when we all had to stay home for the whole long springtime,
When schools were closed
And work was closed
And everything fun was canceled
After we were all so bored of TV
And computers
And video games
And screens of every kind
Dad said, “Let’s take a walk.”

Situate[d] within the context of a planet in a moment of pause...the story cherishes [a] small triumph amid tension and despair, ending on an upswing that parallels [the two ducks'] release with a second venturing-out 'into the great blue world.'" - Publishers Weekly, starred review
"A world, closed up and waiting, sometimes holds small miracles...Friendly, cartoon, full-color illustrations offer the right amount of detail for the story, from a montage of the family waiting by the incubator to the flock of ducks in the sunshine." - Kirkus
"Pleasing, first-person text focuses on the children’s fascination with the eggs and the ducklings. Digitally colored pencil drawings skillfully illustrate the story, and the later scenes on the lake are particularly fine. This rewarding picture book reads aloud well and could lead to worthwhile discussions." - Booklist
"Salati’s warmly colored illustrations capture a loving, caring family — and community — during an uncertain, scary time, and he draws ducks really, really well." - Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast